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Here’s my everyday 5 minute ab workout. Quick, to the point, and you’ll definitely feel it the next day

EXERCISES: 30 seconds each
Leg side plank
Right side plank
Heel Touches
Leg Lifts
Russian Twists
Toe tap leg lifts
Toe Touches
Leg up alternating toe crunch
Knee touch crunches

Social Media:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/monicaaksamit/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/monicaaksamit

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Thomas Gonzalez says:

It sounds simple, but it seems fair, because it's not. I just do it and I really love, I recommend to those who hesitate to do, thank you Momo you're awesome! 💪❤

Noah Angeles says:

You should show us what music you use to workout, or make a public Spotify playlist

gatevibes says:

Started doing this every night. Love your workout! It hurts but feels really great, thanks Monica!

gatevibes says:

Your abs are seriously epic. Huge fan of your fencing!

Ben Jackson says:

I tried it. It was harder than it looks. I'll probably do it again when I need something quick like when I am traveling for work.

Eileen Ye says:

I love this video! A video that I would find really helpful is your stretching routine. Congrats on 1K!

OldSchool Jeremy says:

The shoulder musculature is pretty impressive too…

SicilyAlbert says:

Come on Monica !!!! Summer is at the door and your body is perfect. However, Pongo's sympathy is missing in this video. 😔😔

Mike Miller says:

I posted a long comment but i can't see it, can you check the spam filter for the comments? Youtube might have automatically classed it as spam 😛

Mark Miller says:

Looks very good Monica ✌️👏

Derek Rebello says:

Congrats on 1K! This workout is really close to some of my physical therapy progression, all I have to say is “ow”. Respect, Monica 🙌🏼

Brodie Bennett says:

Congratulations on 1K subscribers! 🙂

CFjr says:

I tried it and I felt the burn

Piotr Ordon says:

Cześć Monia 😀

UniqTechniq says:

Great video and audio. Had my headphones bumpin. I'll make sure to do this workout sometime soon. 👍🏻

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