4 Weeks To A Flat Tummy – Home Workout

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This 4-week workout program is designed to get you a flat tummy and lose body fat.

By doing this abdominal exercises you will work your ab muscles and therefore burn fat and calories. Your body in turn will start losing fat and you will start seeing your tummy getting more flat and leaner!

Remember that this is a home workout that needs to be done everyday for the next 4 weeks. It contains simple exercises that don’t require machined or gym membership – you can do them easily in your room!

So let’s start the 4-week plan and be sure to subscribe to the channel to receive new video workouts everyday Monday to Friday!

If you can please leave me a comment below the video and tell me how you feel by doing this workout and how far are you in the 4-week plan!

Good luck and let’s begin!!💪❤️

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kiran rose says:

How many calories burned during this workout

kiran rose says:

How many calories burned during this workout

Priyanka Achar says:

Hi, is this safe for diastisis recti?

Mandeep Kaur says:

Kisi ko fark pda

Maritess Valdez says:

2 days completed now

Subbulakshmi C says:

Hi Robert gym I worked out your flat tummy along with 30 day challenge weight loss 5 days passed wish me

Kashifa Sadaf says:

Mam can I drinking a water with this exercise …plzz tell me

Meghna Bhardwaj says:

do me a favour…m doing daily exercise routine and did 19 day…tell me that i replace this exercise by this

Annette Brown says:

Thank you. I am loving every bit of its thank you again.

Saumya Mukesh says:

Challenge accepted

Ushna Ushna says:

Nd can i do after meal nd after breakfast???

Ushna Ushna says:

Plz tell me can i do all of these exercise wd out breakfast????plz tell me plzzzzzzzz????

Asad Khan says:

Rat ko0 exercise kr skty hai kiya

Satya Sri says:

Challenge accepted

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