30 Second Ab Trick at Your Desk

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30 Second AB Exercises to do ANY where

The Mad Scientist of Muscle shows you how to transform your office, home or car into a workout center for your abs.

Learn how to engage, tighten and build muscle very quickly and see results very simply!

You may think this looks easy and guess what, IT IS! That’s the point…this is so convenient and worth doing and who cares if your co-worker notices you quivering in your chair 🙂 lol

Take a moment and TRY THIS….IT Works!

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Disco says:

horrible for your back tbh

Silvi Jano says:

Awesome. thanx for sharing 😀

John Rivas says:

How did I just find this now? Aside from looking like I'm constipated and trying to let a fart out, I'm gonna go home from  work ripped!

Lucy Hutchon says:

I am a researcher for Newsflare, one of the largest viral media companies in the world, and we are working with a show that is interested in using your video. Please contact me at lucy.hutchon@newsflare.com for more information, thanks!

SlimeBy Sharah says:

Why are there three men in the room

Isis Ng says:

How convenient!!! Love it! Brilliant.

JedHurricane says:

Nice, how often should I do this?

Health Insurance says:

You're awesome.

OnlineMilkMan says:

But is it gonna give me abs that you can see? yes? how long should do this on one day? and how long will it take to see my (ABS)? ;D

KaryssaMarie says:

I love this!

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