30 Minute Cardio Workout To Lose Belly Fat – Cardio Standing Abs Exercises at Home

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This 30 minute cardio workout to lose belly fat consists of cardio exercises that help you burning fat and abs exercise that will strengthen your core and flatten your belly. All abs exercises are standing exercises and can be easily followed along at your own home. The workout takes 30 minutes in total, but you will get a well deserved water break after the first set.

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This is hiit workout or ?

Julie Court says:

Good workout couldn’t quite manage all of it

cuckooclock heartbeat says:

this is really a great workout 🙂 and you are breathing so very hard … <3 I guess your heart was really pumping fast the whole time? 😛

Kimmy Grant says:

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Martha Helena Otálvaro Benjumea says:

Hola buen día de Colombia!!! gracias por la rutina….una sugerencia, es que en cada rutina se haga una demostración de bajo impacto para cada ejercicio…me encantaría eso….. me gustan tus rutinas….gracias…

sharon78 Ip says:

Great workout.. Greetings from Singapore

Theresa Clarkson says:

That was a great standing workout. Do you have 10 min or 15 min after a strength training workout .

Debbie says:

I like it! I did one of your older workouts yesterday – a cardio/strength train combo and enjoyed it as well. Would love to see more like that but I'll take what I can get👍! Thanks for keeping us fit!

Martin Parra says:

Muy linda rutina.. voy hacerla 3 veces por semana..Saludos desde Argentina

Shailja Madhra says:

Again a wonderful work out..Thanks from India ☺️

Gillian Curry says:

Thanks so much, just what I need.

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