30 Days Six Pack Abs Workout Program Day: 23/30

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Six Pack Abs in 30 Days.

30 Days To Get Six Pack Abs Workout Routine. Whether you are a nutrition & fitness junkie, a busy stay-at-home mom or a business traveler who is always on the go. This is perfect for you! Lose weight, ditch the belly & get the flat abdominals you are always wanted by following our instructional videos & easy-to-use plans – anytime, anywhere.

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Aimu says:

Holy f—k😟

Navid Manu says:

Done and died :-/

Buddy says:

Oh God it's all red mat

Florin O_O says:

Day 23 Complete

Connor Smith says:

Well that escalated quickly

Infinite Lectures Official says:

#23 11 Jan 2019

s xm サム says:

2nd 23 days abs hurt a lot

sel vlog says:

23/30 🤘❤️👊🏼💪🏽

Alexis Moran says:

What a workout

Rob Brewer says:

34 days in! You guys/girls got this!!

Lemon Tube says:

Today was the hardest workout i even can't do the excercises correkt

YourYumy Mumy says:

I’m going to athlean.x

T-TAC says:

not properly, but Day 23 done.

Leonard Liu says:

anyone noticed the mattress color change? red=hell mode. if this doesnt give you abs, then it might be possible you dont even have one XD

Issal Boa says:

How can i be ready in 30 sec?

Siden Kong says:

8/18/2018 Workout complete xD but skiped one exercise xD

Lucky Luciano_S says:


My World Song says:

Half……. 🌗

DontyTheBest says:

This is not normal , i can´t do this , so hard

DimitryAvich says:

The most stupid thing here is that you introduce all the difficult excercises in the one video, instead of introducing them one by one during previous 10 videos.

Michael Mekush says:

No 6pack yet but I do have a simi hard stomach now and I did slim down in my waste but that also because of the pill and cutting down my eating habits alot

Mike Quiroz says:

Wow. It's like we're training like goku

Donny Dan says:

Day 23 03 April'18 (2nd)

Anh Minh Trần says:

Day 23! This one is hard =))

Donny Dan says:

Day 23 4 Feb’15

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