30 Days Six Pack Abs Workout Program Day: 21/30

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Six Pack Abs in 30 Days.

30 Days To Get Six Pack Abs Workout Routine. Whether you are a nutrition & fitness junkie, a busy stay-at-home mom or a business traveler who is always on the go. This is perfect for you! Lose weight, ditch the belly & get the flat abdominals you are always wanted by following our instructional videos & easy-to-use plans – anytime, anywhere.

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Simon McVitty Östborg says:

Done Done Done Done Done Done

Florin O_O says:

Day 21 Complete

Infinite Lectures Official says:

#21 9 Jan 2019

sel vlog says:

Every 30secs rest.? What I did, either, butt workout, or arm workout 😂🤘😜

Siden Kong says:

8/16/2018 Day 20 & 21 done but it did nth when the the video error 🙁

Taka PFN says:

Haha easy 😎

My World Song says:

Dn…. 😛

DimitryAvich says:

Looks like that person who made theese videos, he didn't ever care. At first, there are excercises for one side, so where is another side? At the second – the video is screwed at the end. The third problem, some clips include infinite speach of this guy.

Jabv García says:

Well , i repeat al the routine .. Both sides

Donny Dan says:

Day 21 23 Mar'18 (2nd)

Anh Minh Trần says:

Day 21 done!

Donny Dan says:

Day 21 01 Feb'18 . Bug vid . lol

Khalid ِAbdi says:

Day 21 Done and the last two minutes the Video bugged hhh and already tired of < so i took some rest hence i get a chance hh the problem was the Video not mine i was ready for every thing

Sudhanshu Rajbhar says:

Completed on 6 dec 2017

Key Z says:

Day 21 done ✅

penelope super says:

done day 21

djrandom walker says:

Day 24: Workout Day 21 Done 31-July-2017

Yolo Swaggins says:

Day 21 done

Fly Flamingo says:

Problem still exists

ToxicTubee says:

Dont you guys gettin? In last minutes where video is "bugged" you should repeat exercise 1st and last two on the other sides.
Hope its helpful for ya.

pgproductionshd says:

Do a 2 minute plank on the end.

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