3 Minute Standing Ab Workout – Work Your Abs without Going to the Floor

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You don’t have to go down to the floor to work your abs, and this quick workout proves it. Get ready to work your core while keeping your feet on the floor, all in three minutes!

The Three-Minute Standing Ab Workout consists of four ab exercises done for 45 seconds each:

1) March and Squeeze – Start with both hands straight up in the air and bring one knee all the way up while bringing your arms down, keeping your hands above your elbows and near your body, so your elbows and knee line up, with your knee in between both arms. As you do this, squeeze your abs. Return to the starting position and do the same thing with your other knee, and continue to alternate knees.

2) Elbow to Opposite Knee – Bring one arm up so your elbow is at chest height and your hand is above your elbow, and bring your opposite knee up while bringing that arm down so your elbow meets your knee (don’t hit them together hard). As you do this, squeeze your abs. Return them back to their starting point and do the same thing with your other knee and elbow, and continue to alternate.

3) Straight Leg Raises – Keeping your leg a straight as possible, raise it up in front of your body with bringing the opposite arm down, reaching out your hand to touch your foot (or as close as you can get). Return them back to their starting point and do the same thing with your other leg and arm, and continue to alternate.

4) Rotate and Punch – Stand with your legs about shoulder width apart and rotate your upper body, throwing a jab out with your arm. Then rotate the other direction and jab with your other arm. Your feet should stay in about the same location the whole time, with just a little twist of the same foot of the arm that is jabbing to allow the body to rotate.

Do each of these exercises consecutively, for a total of three minutes, and you will have got an awesome ab workout while never going to the ground.

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Treasures4Food says:

My go-to workout for a quick, on-the-go, and workout. Perfect!

Andrea Mendez says:

I didn’t feel it in my abs..

Angella Peart says:

Mumm…💘 will do it again and again because it's working. My arms and tummy are in a much better shape since I started a couple wks ago

napoleon tz says:

so its as effective asgoing down the floor exercises?

BlesSingYou Jenesis_Serenity says:

Finally! This was perfect

Kayla Perkins says:

Wow you guys are great

Curlygirl says:

I felt them more in my legs than stomach. Is it OK?

Charlotte Santa Fe says:

Love this ! It works!

Martino Dellavedova says:

Thank you guys, that was helpful!

Matt Tolentino says:

Hi! How many times a week should I perform this workout?

tigershark7777 says:

Can you tell me roughly how many calories this burns, please? Great little workout, have been doing it for 3 days now and I carry a lot of weight on my legs, so this is really good for working them out as well. Thanks very much!

Fenny Nur Handayani says:

Loveeee this

debolina mukherjee says:

How many times in a day should I do this exercise? I am a beginner

Jiyeon Park says:

my leg hurts

mittal patel says:

Hi….I m mom of 1.5 year old girl Nd have 60 kg weight with 5.5 height…I want to loose tummy fat Nd want tonned body….will it work

Elena Bumatay says:

I tried this work out and other video i combine it 3mins and 6 minutes and i sweat perfectly i love it..easy but intense..then i added extra jogging..i feel great and awesome!!!thank you

Jackeline Flores says:

I am in Track, so I run a lot. My legs tend to hurt after so while doing these workouts, my legs started hurting. Is it okay to feel your legs as well?

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