3 Minute Plank Workout

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TheSunshinefee says:

going to try that

Anceli Peguero says:


Reynaldo Ramirez says:

is that your son or your girlfriend ?

ram akella says:

Nice routine , quite implementable. Will try out. Thanks Dr. Levi.

Maricris Magalang says:

Definitely trying this.

fsdfdsf DDSD says:

thx for this useful exercises

trashagal says:

lol I can't hold my hand out, I keep falling 🙁

Mr Jonsey says:

Dr Levi is it ok to do this routine up to three times a day? And lastly can I do this everyday or should I not do it on the 2 days I don't go to the gym? Thanks bro

Meister Oogway says:

you're awesome doc levi

Zherto says:

keep it up Levi, great work as allways

ConRon says:

Looks like your uploading more, keep it up, they are always great.

Derp Hole says:

hai: balls look at this vid you can get abs!
balls: thats so troll dude!
sneaky: same.

juanma9511 says:

thx for your videos

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