3 MINUTE NON-STOP CORE Routine / SIX PACK ABS Slider Workout

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**Take your CORE training to the next level with this 3 MINUTE NON-STOP CORE. This SIX PACK ABS Slider Workout will get you shredded fast.**

Here are the 5 BEST ‘Core-Killer’ Exercise:


Do you think you have what it takes to do this 3 MINUTE NON-STOP CORE Routine? OK it might not be as intense as a we’re making it out to be but after doing these 6 exercises with no rest, your lower abs will be burning!!

Few of you will laugh at this challenge but many of you will have to rest during this intense workout. Wherever you are on the fitness level, this 3 minute six pack abs slider workout is something to take with you where ever you go and you can use it at any time!

Here is the workout to follow along with:

1. Mountain Climbers

2. Knee Tucks

3. Push Pull

You will spend 60s on each exercise without resting in between. Do your best to power through it and make sure you leave us a comment and let us know how you did!

We know sliders (a.k.a. furniture movers), those popular plastic sliding discs you see online and in some gyms—look like they’re for women, and, yes, some of them even come in pink.

These things will kick your butt (and abs) and we’ll prove it to you with this SIX PACK ABS Slider Workout, which builds lean muscle and adds strength.

The great thing about these is that sliders create instability and a crazy challenge.

Place your feet on them and it’s hard to keep your balance while you do an exercise. This forces your muscles to work harder and recruits other muscles to help stabilize you. All this extra muscle activation also adds up to more calories burned, so they’re an exceptional tool for fat loss.

One of the best ways to use your sliders is for core work. The advantage you get with sliders is that there’s less impact than with a regular mountain climber, as your foot stays in contact with the ground the whole time.

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Princess Vanessa says:

I wasn't laughing Coach Brian 🙂good job…don't be so hard on yourself, you're my fav coach, I believe in you nd look up to you 🙂✌

Ayelet Barkay says:

Definitely will try a variation of this in my next core workout 😎😈

GetFitwithHIIT! says:

OMAGHAD – How did you know that I was laughing at you?!?! 🤣 I’m totally doing this! 💪🏼

Ali Khan says:

Brian is awesome

Ali Khan says:

What a dialogue!!!!!!

Loom Leopard06 says:

Wow you did it, keep it doing 💪💪

Azu BG says:

Gracias Brian, super difícil pero a poner en práctica 💪. Saludos!!!

Jessica Gonzalez says:

😂 thank u

Clickable Adventures says:

This might just be my monthly challenge. I might have to break it up into 30 second rounds. I'm not quite at your level. Good stuff! Thanks for the suggestion!

nikolina josipovic says:

Killer core..wow,this is really hard to do,i will try😰

Mark-Anthony Hodges says:

Thanks coach B, will make an attempt today…

Gabby Villegas says:

Awesome!! I'm not laughing at all. I will try it but 30 sec for each

fonzarelli says:

It’s funny how when you do a basic exercise with no weights and do it absolutely perfect and proper it can be the most painful experience vs just dead lifting a million pounds and feel like Hercules- Great job !

Valdo Gutierrez says:

Come on pops! !! You can do it

Alex Rodrigues says:

Thanks Brian
Stay blessed

MrNaturallyMe says:

Yup I felt it! It’s a good workout 👍🏽

Kelly Gjesdal says:

Great one..
You and your abs look amazing💪

Mersay W. says:

I am definitely going to attempt this workout!!!!

Saved By Grace says:

I did it! I did it! I'm so proud of myself! (I'm 56😀😀). I did 10 sets of each and I'm sweating like a pig…. I don't know how you did that but KUDOS to you dude. I almost stopped at 8 LOL!

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