20 Minute Standing Pilates Workout for Toning Muscles – At home with No Equipment

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This standing pilates workout tones your muscles, increases your strength and endurance. It takes only 20 minutes and can be easily followed along at your own home. It requires no equipment, as has a short water break halfway through the workout.

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Elizabeth Acom says:

I'm going to try this one out. I really love your workout videos especially the low impact ones. They have changed my life!!!

Mouseg71 says:

Great video – thank you.

Gracie Ambrósio says:

This is amazing! Thank you

N S says:

Excellent! I just completed this and I'm adding it to my favorite workouts. I like the fact that it's all standing. I found the "calf raises and reach" a little challenging, but it's all good. Thank you, Marischa!

Adriana Monteagudo says:

Perfect! Thank you so much 😀

عبد العزيز إسماعيل says:

Good job 💖💕🤗💕💕

Pritha Chakraborty says:

Nice dear… Please post some more videos of low impact cardio workouts

Tracy Chester says:

good morning Marischa. This seems like a great way to relieve stress. May try this later today. Have a great day.

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