20 Minute Standing Abs Workout to Flatten your Belly – Belly Fat Burning Exercises – No Equipment

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This standing abs workout helps you in burning that belly flat but also to flatten your belly. It requires no equipment at all and can be easily followed along at your own home.

The workout consists of 10 standing abs exercises that makes one set. This set is then repeated once with a short water break between sets.

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Molektra McGuigan says:

I have been enjoying your work outs and like your calm laid back style but wonder there is a phrase you say quite often and I can't tell if you are saying "squeeze your abs or squeeze your ribs?" The first would be more isometric and the second would be more like a crunch! Look forward to doing a lot more with you 🙂

Suchee Rk says:

Mam cardio core strength together 30 min workout plzz for weight loss in 4 weeks

Sk Kumari Kumari says:

Plz reply me my weight is 70kg hight 5'1 m unmarried too.so how many days it will take to get flat Bally with clean dite and 500rope skipping and 15walking plz tell me plz plz plz plz plz

Aditi Mishra says:

Love your workout
Love from India

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