15 Minute Kettlebell Core Workout For Strong Abs

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This 15 minute workout uses one kettlebell to train your entire core. Sculpt and strengthen your core and blast fat and calories. Options for all fitness levels.

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Иван Сидун says:

Thank you so much Amy. I used that complex with 16 kg kettlebell), felt pretty gooood))

kacyandlaura says:

I am really liking your videos, they are my new favorites. I have a little bit of diastasis recti still (1.5 to 2 fingers). Could you tell me if this video is safe for those of us with diastasis recti?

Patricia Rose Pawlowski says:

Thank you for making this video, I just started exercising with a kettleball; this is really helpful.

Ricky Fulbrook says:

How often should I do this?

valeria ruiz says:

More kettlebell workoutssss pleaseeee

E. says:

I love your workouts because you’re so real and you get tired too!!

Charlotte Heneghan says:

Love your kettlebell workouts! They're perfect for me – working mum with little time, desperate to improve my strength/fitness, I love them, thank you!

Emily Wise says:

When I first found this video about two months ago I wanted to make a comment expressing my relief and gratitude at finding a workout instructor who's easy to follow, without an annoyingly chipper singsong voice. I decided to hold off until I made some progress. With basic dieting (simply watching my calorie intake, I still eat the damn cookies) and following this video I've lost over 20 pounds. I now have core strength, my jobs gotten easier, I feel healthier and happier. I love watching the progress of my body, not only in the mirror but also with my clothes and levels of strength. I started small, in the beginning I couldn't even get through the first 10 minutes, I couldn't even begin doing the more advanced parts of the workouts, but now I not only get through this full video, but also 10 minutes of her following arm workout (goodbye wings) Sometimes I can follow her doing the more advanced portion throughout the full thing. I've even added things between videos like squats. I can do all that now thanks to these videos, when before I couldn't even get through the first 10 minutes, it just took my trying again and again. So thanks Amy, these videos really have helped change my life.

Copy Magnet says:

LOVE these workouts!

Josiah Young says:

I really enjoy your workout. My core could fell it too,

Makie652 says:

Hi Amy, I’m doing your workout every night, I am 13 and already in good shape, I am using a 6kg kettle bell, approximately how long do you think it will take me to get a 6 pack

Ariana Nunez says:

Amy, I don't know if you're the one who came up with that hand off lunge move, but I've never seen a more effective move in my life.

Just Some Clown says:

This is perfect! I think my kettle bell is too heavy tho because I nearly died (in a good way) but this video will make me stronger for sure!

Barbara Davison says:

Loved this targeted kettle bell workout!

Sarah Blair says:

i love your kettlebell workout…please post more like this…thank you…

amal Alalawi says:


LivingSafe.com.au by Nicole Groch says:

Thanks you Amy. Your kettlebell workouts are the best !

планета сказок says:

This is a ketlbell that I have!

Jerkamie says:

let me see your halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo

Vadym Shatov says:

Awesome to see that Unflexal includes new training instructions to build my body perfectly.

Talia M says:

Love your videos. Thank you

Jessica Cruz says:

love you work outs!

M 2 Da J 100 says:

How many calories will this mini workout burn?

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