15 MIN CHAIR WORKOUT – Extreme Full Body Training / Nothing for Beginners | Pamela Rf

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A full body workout – only using a chair or bench (which we all have at home .. so no excuses hehe). A very intense sequence of exercises working your: abs, core strength, arms & back muscles, chest, glutes, inner and outer thighs and your CARDIO. So all in all a great way to fire up your entire body in 15min ♥︎

I know a lot of those movements are very challenging – if you need a break – take it! You will get better over time 🙂
Another option is performing the exercise without the chair (and for example) placing your feet on the ground. You do you! ♥︎

The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing 30s for each exercise. There is one 1min rests in between.

I recommend switching up your workouts to give your muscles enough time to recover and to hit them from different angles. You can do this workout 2-3x a week and if you want to do be active on the other days: check out my Sixpack, Muffin Top, Sexy Arms, Calorie Burn or Booty Workout!!


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Pamela Rf says:

MINIMAL Equipment needed this time ♥︎ 
it's super super intense – so tell me if you survived haha!!

xx Pamela

Ava Zaccor says:

Omg this workout kicks my ass every time

Sunny Singh says:

osmmm dear ji

Sunny Singh says:

kya batt haii achi videoo haii

Sunny Singh says:

cra aaw videoo

Sunny Singh says:

superb aaw video

Karoline Heltoft says:

Can you make a ‘what I eat in a Day?’

DUMA says:

Great job! 💎
I Love You, Dear Sister! ❤️
God Bless You in Lord Jesus name! 👑
Thank You for video! 🙏


Very nice yoga

Bir Cool says:

E bacım yani bu da harekettir.Şimdi biz bu hareketleri nasıl yapah😒😒

Tumie Tabalaka says:

For a beginner like myself… This is very hard I spent most of the time trying to get it right. I only managed to do a few of the exercises, but i'll try it again next time.
I'm new to exercising and I can't afford Gym so I love how her exercises are mostly done at home with no equipment, definitely subscribing

Justt Josephine says:

The way you do look easy I’ve tried a few this training it’s so hard for me haha and you still look pretty and not look tired at all. You’re dope girl !

asha reddy says:

Less talk and more exercise, best exercise videos I came across.

Ich bin und bleibe bis zum Tod für immer 187er says:

Also bei mir ist der Stuhl umgekippt😂😅

Valentina Ribaga says:


katrīna kalniņa says:

One like = one day this workout ….. I need motivation !

mirjan bek mirjan bek says:


Amanda Louise Fit says:

Such a cool workout!!! You’re hard core, girl!

สุกัญญาสวัสดีค่ะ มาละอินทร์ says:


zoloo zoko says:

Give us belly fat lose exercise

Cinthia Prado says:

New subscriber here! I love your videos go directly to the point and I feel actually pretty good doing them thanks!! QUESTION: could you pleeaase do a What i eat in a day video for some inspo on recipes?!

tata datunashvili says:

Legs and inner thighs workout plsss🥰🥰🥰💞💞💞💜

Carl David Bradley says:

where can i find your mixes please angel

Emily Norris says:

Pamela can you show us how you take care of your hair?? It's so healthy and gorgeous!!

Awesome Awesomeness says:

I could do this in a tiny space in my hotel bedroom! Thanks! No excuses!

نرمين فقي says:

اكو عربيات هنا يردن يضعفن دوس لايك 😂

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