12 Minute Standing Abs with Dumbbell Workout

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This 12 minute workout uses a dumbbell to do standing ab exercises, all while getting your heart rate up for bonus cardio. Tighten and tone your tummy with this no crunch, no plank workout. Great for those who have back pain or problems doing ab workouts on the mat. Options for all levels!

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BWyatt76 says:

First time trying this today. I really liked it! There was a lot of ab moves I've never done before. I'll add this to my routine 👍

Shauna Case says:

Great workout! Intense! Definitely some goals to work towards!

Ayodele Shaihi says:

This was a good workout! Thank you!

Helen Northover says:

I have lower back problems but workout regularly. Found all this twisting very bad for my back.

Sherry K says:

I totally felt this workout, I did this after jogging for 30 minutes and with a 8lb weight. I normally don’t do ab workouts and I know this is a new go to pick for abs. Excellent video and thanks

Margaret Modeste says:

Great workout. I like the pace, so I could actually do and feel the impact of each exercise. This is my 1st day.

myat noe says:

I'll start doing this from today and planning to do 3-4 times a week. I'll come back to post my results weekly.
Hope I can do it.

mili c says:

The workout is good, but girls, if you wanna keep your waist tiny or looking for reduce inches, DON'T DO THE OBLICUES! They make u square as a roblox

ronnethe berry says:

I redid this exercise, loved it

ronnethe berry says:

This is my first time doing stand up abs, wow. I really feel my abs(must repeat this exercise). Thx

Francisca Reyes says:

I love it super i do this exseprsize with you emie love it but a litle hard for when it comes twisting but i try my best haha

Nida Sultan says:

Please reply me
I want to reduce my chest and belly fat because after prangrancy my chest bigger midem size increase and know extra large 😫😪😪😪 please recommend some exercise for reduce chest size please
Thank you so much
I love yours videos💝

egemen çetinkaya says:

Great space saver!>>>ur2.pl/1182 Depending on the exercise you are doing, they may be a little bulky, but I love just having one set to go to.

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