12 Minute Post Natal Core Workout—Abs Workout for After Pregnancy or C Section

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This 12 minute workout features exercises to strengthen and slim your mid section after pregnancy. Using movements safe for post C section or regular delivery moms, this workout will tighten and tone your core.

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Lei Lei says:

How long should I do this before doing normal core exercises? 3 times a week for a month? Two months?

Phelicia Akida says:

Am 12 weeks pp and m so ready to start this.Thans Amy.

Sarah Turnstill says:

Im 13 w pp and been doing a few of your starting up videos to.ger back into.it.
How long do i take it easy for?the videos are def getting easier now that im working back into it. But when can i do more cardio/abs?ive also had c section.

UaizeMusic says:

can I do this 3 weeks after natural birth

Aleksandra Knezevic says:

Thank you for the excellent routines, they are very effective, my ab gap is almost closed! You are a great instructor and a generous person for posting all these workouts! Thanx again for all the help! 😊

cecilia andrade says:

This was my first workout since having my baby,… it was a great start, thank you for this!

Helouise Comvalius says:

Really enjoyed the workout. Thanks!


can I do this a month later?

adab alsoadi says:

Amazing practice thanx

Veronique Gagnon says:

This is exactly what I needed 2 months post partum. The stretches felt especially good! Thank you!

Ankita Pandey says:

Can we do all these exercises with diastasis recti problem…?

Lindsay Richards says:

I love this workout Amy! I have had three kids via c-section, the youngest is 4 years old and i'm finally feeling like i would like to get my body back a wee bit! These are wonderful exercises! Feeling the progress! 🙂

Andree Markel says:

Check Unflexal handbook if you want to learn about workouts much much more.

Sanaa Mubashir says:

Hi Amy… Ur videos are awesome. I love them and finally have a work along video for Post Natal workout. I have a 16 week old baby n I wish I found u at 8 weeks. If you can let us know how many times a week v can do ur workout it wud be great…. Cheers

ytfbms says:

Hi Amy, loving your channel!  Thank you muchly!  I have a 14 week old and am wondering if I can move on to your other ab videos or should i wait?  I had a c-section but am feeling great….I've been doing these postnatal vids for 2 weeks every day (sometimes every 2nd day).  Would appreciate your feedback.  Cheers!

Vadym Antipov says:

I used Unflexal handbooks for that.

Urvee G says:

its been 2 years postpartum cani still loose my mommy pooch

Sara Grulkowski says:

How do I know when I’m ready to do crunches, Roman chairlifts, etc?

Gulsum Hashimi says:

I had a boy a week ago, can I start it now and how do I know if it's safe and I am completely ready to start back on the exercises that i used to do before pregnancy . Please I will appreciate correct answer .

Paul Mile says:

Thank you for the video! 🙂 it's a good and safe way to loose fat but mainly restore the muscles, I've just done it twice but start to feeling my abs again, hopefully after few weeks of your workouts I will be back in shape

C says:

I want to thank you Amy I just had a C-section eight weeks ago and it's hard to find workouts that are formatted for C-sections so I thank you so much! I worked out to your videos while I was pregnant too and being overweight prior to pregnancy, they really help to control my gain throughout the 40 weeks, thank you again!

Shelly Willoughby says:

i had twins 5 months ago and this is my first work out… can you believe i am sweating thank you

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