12 Minute Arms and Abs Dumbbell Workout For Toning and Strengthening

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This 12 minute workout uses just a set of dumbbells to sculpt and strengthen your arms and abs. Tighten and tone your entire upper body and core in just 12 minutes. Options for all fitness levels.

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Grace Chen says:

I just found out about ur videos and fall in love! Definitely will try itπŸ’

Marcela Natalia Durante says:


Laila A says:

This is great straight after a cardio workout. Really affective. Thanks for sharing!!

Emelia Gallop says:

Will this gain muscles in the arms? Sorry if I sound dumb, I dont know much about this stuff haha

mauricio montenegro says:

love your workouts thanks!!!

j marshall says:

When you have 20 minutes, this is great.

Nina Munoz says:

Great workout! you are so inspirational!

Foofie2005 says:

Love your workout videos πŸ‘ Adding this to a playlist !

Aleisha Theisen says:

Quick and efficient! Thanks for another great workout!

E vR says:

Your workout was really good

pallawi jain says:

love the workout, but it is short, so I'll do it thrice and make it half an hour workout

Mariana Cantale says:

Just what I need, thanks.

hp13chemistry says:

I just love your videos. I always go back to them because they are so mucH and the results are great.β™‘ keep up the amazing work, you are an inspiration!
P.S is it 5 pound or 5 kilo dumbbells you are using?

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