12 Foods You Should Never Eat If You Want A Six Pack

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Julian says:

Fucking music is too loud. You sound like shit!

dante dt says:

I started seeing the results i wanted after i stopped eating all those foods.Spot on Tye!👊🏾

john Marston says:

I eat these foods and do tons of cardio and weights and I don't put on weight I just want to have muscle at my top half of my body Tyrone do u still have to eat healthy for that I dont want a six pack I just want big arms and shoulders and chest I'm toned now im getting SHREDDED each day on my arms but if I stop eating these foods will I gain more

Victor Smoker says:

Getting into a relationship ruins your strict diet… I lost so much muscle mass!!!!!!!! I have become domesticated!!!!!

Iam Citi says:

Damn brah stay away frm all da good shit idk B, idk son

Azl Xplosive says:

daymn..8:45 did he crying

Annie rose Smith says:

Omg thank you so much for this video!!!! This was the best video for nutrition… thank you thank you

Andrea Knight says:

This was one of the most helpful videos I’ve ever watched on YouTube!!!!

Apathy says:

wtf was with the music, it just started there was no warning, no roll credits just over powering music
i'm gonna try what he said but that music omg
i've been eating popcorn and candy habitually so i'm going to cut it out and see what happens

Govind Karki says:

I like it your body bro

Arfan M says:

Every thing stop eating then what should eat ?? Air and water only ???

john Marston says:

Can u eat pasta or chicken and bacon sandwiches

Dawid Duszak says:

I don't like pizza

Jay Rev says:

You can have fried anything as long as it's not in hydrogenated oils. I think that's what you meant

K R says:

I’ll whoop yo ass. Them weights don’t punch, fuccin dweeb

maxamed cabdi maxamuud says:

wow I swear he is honest guy

Adam Alfred says:

Big ups T on that nasty ass meat and shit lol .dam he was drowning the fries in salt ewwwwwwwe

Just Wondering says:

One last thing before I finish this video. This is important so if you read this pay attention. Tyrone says: stay away from McDonald’s. Don’t eat McDonald’s. Tyrone also says: I was at McDonald’s and this guy had the salt. So what you mean is you were at McDonald’s and near salt which you said to stay away from? Nice. Makes sense.

Just Wondering says:

Tyrone sorry I’m late I forgot you wouldn’t know a good genetic if it smacked you in the face. The only difference between you then and now is you don’t have as much fat on your body now as you did but Incase you didn’t notice your stacked in that old photo you still have an insane amount of muscle packed onto your frame so. Yeah….. yeah you have good genetics dummy not everyone is going to be able to pack on that much muscle that’s just how it is. Take me for example when I was younger and working out constantly I was nicknamed the mini Hulk for a few reasons one I was stacked as well had tons of muscle packed onto my 5 foot 8 inch frame and was stronger than people out lifting me by a 100 or more lbs. not everyone is going to be able to be that strong or that built they just aren’t it’s genetics 100% so I wish you’d stop telling people you have bad genetics because even going by that old photo you in fact seem to have good if not great genetics.

Dark Shinobi says:

Have his mentality when you work out and you’ll be bigger than Arnold

Dark Shinobi says:

How I got shredded as FFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKK

Zechs Marquise says:

You need to turn that fucking music down giving your video a dislike for this 🖕🏾

Γιαννης Γκουλιωτης says:

You forgot oxygen

Sbusiso Derrick says:

What about cold drinks like Coca-Cola,sprite and etc

Sbusiso Derrick says:

Ok then if I stopped eating this above food, it will takes me how much time to see my body shredded?

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