10-Pack Abs Registration at Battle of Sweden – Exclusive Footage

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Short edited raw footage with Mohamed “Mr-10 Pack” Ali in Alingsås and Battle of Sweden.
Tomorrow is show time and we predict victory.
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lasuperagent says:

I think a 10 pack is better than a 6 pack 😎

lasuperagent says:

I am having abs soon

xyz abc says:

O ne öyle canavar gibi

TAS dude says:

1 like = 1 pack

Ahmed. Yahia says:

He come from Iraq 🇮🇶

Radya Soma says:

So many ignorant comments

Campbell’s Soup says:

I wouldnt know how ugly a ten pack would look on me I can’t get a six pack

Kai Yu says:

this is fake

Armand B. says:

i have one big pack

jeremy hudon says:

as a 6 pack holder a feel week and will be in need to work more

Simon Petersen says:

I ain’t healthy.

KamaSutra King says:

oh he is Indian no wonder

Leo Nardo says:


taam says:

you mean at Battle of Iraq?

Game Reaction says:

10 pack looks stupid 6 pack looks more natural and less freaky

James Baker says:


Uzaki -hana says:

I need his routine

Xd_harry Mc Creamey says:

I have that

Sun Horn says:

looks like a snake

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