10 Minute Standing Abs Workout – Standing Abs Exercises To Lose Belly Fat – At Home

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Flatten your belly, increase your core strength and burn belly fat with this short but effective standing abs workout. Taking only 10 minutes, this workout can be easily planned into your busy day. The workout requires no equipment at all, takes little space and can be easily followed along at your own home.

There is no water break in this workout.

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Nickolai Gypsy says:

i had thought that the exercise called "windmills" was taking your arms and stretching them out and creating circles both big and small. round circles with your arms.
im a little bit confused.

Kupit Kusam says:

1. Do I need to do warm up before doing this work out?
2. Is it okay to do this every day?
Thx 😊

Tracia Henry says:

I love your videos, can you add some music to them during your workouts

Nahla Awji says:

Bending forward is dangerous for back can lead to disc hernation

Carol Oates says:


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