10 Minute Lower Abs (BRAND NEW EXERCISES!)

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Today we’ve got a 10 minute lower abs workout for you that has brand new lower ab exercises we guarantee you’ve never tried . These new ab exercises will help you lose lower belly pooch and get those six pack abs. If you’ve got lower belly fat to lose, you’ll need to work on that with diet in order for your abdominals to pop. But this 10 minute ab workout is a great place to start to make sure you’re building strength and muscle in the low belly.

There are 5 low ab exercises in this flat stomach routine. Since this is a follow along low abs routine, just follow this video from beginning to end and we’ll help you target the lower belly and get those flat abs. If you’re a beginner just do this lower abs workout one time through. But if you’re more advanced you can do this 10 minute lower ab workout twice through for a total of a 20 minute ab workout.

Here are the new abs exercises that make up this lower ab workout:

1) Weighted Tricycle
2) Large Medball Crunch
3) Slider Swings
4) Rollback Breakdancer
5) Adduction Kickout

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Donna Bowman says:

Susan…we need more like this. I have all that equipment and just ordered the bands. Can you please give us some good band exercises to go along with these?. Thanks so much.

Konstantina V. says:


aniki says:

where's the girl from the thumbnail?

Naushaba Saleem says:

Good exercises

Pooja Sikand says:

Wow! I see my vertebrae flying off..ehh ..one by oneπŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ so ppl with chronic backache should just sit back and enjoy the show! I kept saying β€˜wow’ like a broken record 🀘🏽

wingcheng2007 says:


Mon P. says:

Jeff Cavalier is on his video thumbnails, why is a super fit model used in the thumbnails for this channel? The blonde lady in the video is very fit, why do tgey not use her in the thumbnails?!

gutzduken Val says:

I thought you were the nice one

gutzduken Val says:

I thought you were the nice one

gutzduken Val says:

I thought you were the nice one

Leyla Rengifo says:

Love it ….

Tiffany Crenshaw says:

Tough and rough will have abs today with that routine my stomach hurts just looking at that…lol.. you rock and I'm definitely going to give it a try!

True Watchman On The Wall says:

These routines for the abs are not good for me. I did find some other Ab routines that were a better fit for me.

sharon Payne says:

Dammmm That Hard.. But I’ll do them.. thank U Honey

isobel64 says:

wow the sliders killed my arms. Just took 2 advils

isobel64 says:

Thanks Susan. The first one bothers my lower back however

Julia kVczMYsz says:

Awesome I will definitely try it at gym today

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