10 Minute Kettlebell Standing Abs No Crunch/No Plank Workout

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This 10 minute workout uses just one kettlebell to shape and sculpt your abs, all from a standing position. No crunches, no planks, no exercises on your back or on the mat, just standing ab moves to strengthen and tone your tummy. These moves will also get your heart rate up for fat blasting cardio. Options for all fitness levels.

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Tammy Stimmel says:

I started this workout last week I have never done weights. I use a 10 lb kettlebell. I don’t feel sore at all. Is that ok or am I doing something wrong?

FreddieMan TheBendyFan says:

Brilliant work-out

Sophia Nirmal says:

What Size Kettlebell Should I Buy? |

Rachel Budzinska says:

I love these workouts, this one is my lastest favourite quick blast! Great to kep my surfing strength up in winter. Keep these coming!

Vanessa Patterson says:

Brilliant Workout.

neena imran says:

Is this equally good for mommy pooch or lower your belly button ??? Please reply

Webb Family says:

I understand this is a 10-minute workout, do you do each exercise for a set time or a set number of reps? thanks for the great workouts.

Luene Maxwell says:

Thanks! This was perfect for me to get started again!

LadyAxe13 says:

Thanks Amy! Love this alternative to my boxing routine (while I wait for a new punch bag) you present. Great video!

Kimberly Sims says:

Amy I love this! Thanks so much — I just ordered and received my kettlebells and feel good about completing this workout! Woo hoo me! Thanks again Amy!!!

Juanita Garcia says:

My sister told me about you, tried it and I loved it!!! I’m doing the 20min workout right now. I especially love the 10 min ab workout!!! Thanks so much Amy!! I love you cause you look like us ordinary women and not these fake supermodels!!! Not that you don’t look great but I feel I can relate more to you !!!! Thanks!!!

Simon Leech says:

Awesome to do. 🙂

Laura Crampton says:

Love your videos! Are you on insta? I really want to share you with my mummy friends! Good luck with your pregnancy, looking forward to some new kettle bell videos when you're back! xx

Carol Oates says:

Thanks so much

Alore D says:

weight of the kettlebell?

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