10-minute Fat Loss Belly Fat Workout 10 Minute Workouts That Anyone Can Fit

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Do This One Unusual 10-Minute Trick Before Work To Melt Away 15+ Pounds of Belly Fat

“All Women Get Fat After They’re Married…Mine Did!”
Her Husband Said Underneath His Breath On The Eve Of Their 5-Year Wedding Anniversary

He was having drinks with his buddies on the back porch and must have forgot the windows were slightly cracked…

Ashley was inside nursing their newborn daughter as those hateful words rattled her brain and pierced through her heart…

And as she re-told the story, I could hear the pain and heartbreak in her soft voice…

“After my husband said that, I froze…

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Bhahwan Padhi says:

I did this til 6 minutes 30 seconds continuously

Time4Chai says:

Damn, barely at minute 2 and WOW

Debbie Shulman says:

I am 62
Only got through fist 5:40 or so and needed to take breaks
Those side planks after the hip drops in side planks I called uncle
Do your best
Waited a bit and finished whole thing but oh my😱

Azad Hossain says:


Bhahwan Padhi says:

If we'll do it everyday we will be slim in a week

romy vv says:

u killed me

Sabrina Altriki says:

Ima do it and update but to updates i need likes and comments

yu yun says:

I can do it everyday without break since 2 years ago. And i got the result i have lost my belly fat even still had some belly need to remove. Because now i am 40 years old maybe difficult to burn that belly fat.

Rosa Artiles says:

Omg best workout ever!! I do ten minutes everyday anyway and this workout has alllll of my favorite exercises in it!

Nand kumar prajapati says:

one who is watching it on lying bed.

Ankita Singh says:

Outstanding workout moves… It makes me so tired… In ten minutes… But it's really effective.. Thank you Pam 😊

Gacha Lover says:

The side plank pull popped my arms the whole time

Catherine Ruiz says:

She not human I repeat she not human. Dang!!.

Douglas Smith says:

Ok this video was horrible it didn’t work at all it was worse work I’ve ever seen

Beckie says:

It's from pamela rf!!! Please give her the credits she deserves!!

BreezyEm says:

Finally found a good ad workout that’s challenging! Thank you 😊

Charlotte Lawson lol says:

My best friend and I killed our stomachs doing this… cheers!🙌

Slime Lover says:

I wanna lose 40-60 pounds i know it's gonna take long and hard work but I know I can do it

Edit: I did the whole thing but had trouble with the planks. Now I'm gonna do this every day

Bashar Abdallah says:

the music is so annoying

sPo0pY pi3 says:

Also, if you're ever gonna do this, don't keep up with her pace, go at your own speed, and at the 5 minute mark, take a break and drink water.

sPo0pY pi3 says:

How is this girl doing this?! I've done this workout for a week, and I still die on the 2nd one 😂 if I've done it for a week I should be kinda used to it lmao

ilyas ahmed says:

Superb im doing this and its tough

Sang K says:

I got to 7 minutes then collapsed. I am so weak. Try again tomorrow…(or maybe the day after as I don't think my abs will work tomorrow…)

Anxiety queen says:

You just copied her video! Just recorded it and said it was yours!

Andree Markel says:

I'm sure the best workouts instruction is on Unflexal page. I just love it !

Abhinav Jain says:

Whoa whoa….was just doing this…and damn…it is tough. Although it feels great when you complete even 1 30 seconds exercise.

I am completely exhausted by 6th minute. ..
Will try to make it till 7th minute tomorrow….
Gotta improve a lot

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