10 Minute Abs Workout (SIX PACK ABS!) – Fat Loss ABS Workout at Home for Beginners

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► Intense 10 Minute Abs Workout (SIX PACK ABS!) – Fat Loss Six Pack ABS Workout at Home for Beginners
Food is really important to build a good physique (and lose weight).
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He bird is funny she’s dead I hope she’s OK
Is a tuff workout da

shivam tripathi says:

he browny whatsapp

Galliano Marr says:

Is that jumping excercise really good for abs? someone experience?

DuckyTheDuck says:

Im doing the plank while watching you doing the plank

GD Nonami says:

whats the first music??

Adrian Montano says:

Can I do this without the rope?

Harden says:

166.000 subscriber yeyy

SUH SUH G says:

Browney you are favourite youtuber. You have encourged me to do some exersize🔥💯😊👌i have lost some weight😊😊. You are the best💯💯. Your gf is cool too💯💯. I love you both😊💯👌💙. I love watching your videos💯💯👌👌🔥🔥😊😊

Serpenox says:

Challenge accepted 🙂

Dj RivGade says:

What's the song name you used?

Dj RivGade says:

Workout starts 45seconds in

MartianCactus says:

Today was my first day with this workout! I almost reached 60 but quit the last plank at 40..

In 50000 times gravity ofcourse

Pedro Dorr says:

Alguem aqui é BR

Georgios Ioannou says:

Can u do a video about legday/workout?

V2k99 says:

Browney you inspired me to work out more i

Brady Hanson says:

I used this abs guide “suza great plan” (Google it) and attained a 6-pack abs. Men envy my toned abs as I workout at the gym. My coach said this guide works well for male and female. If you want the result like me, try it yourself.

La Couille says:

As a boxer, this training is nothing so can you do another video but not for beginners ?

Alan Barrientos says:

Song Name one?

Alan Barrientos says:

You gave me some ideas for my workouts! Thank you

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