10 Minute Ab Workout: How to Get a Six Pack

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On today’s episode of XHIT, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise shows you how to start your six pack with ten minutes of intense core exercises. Learn how to get a flat stomach and lose weight at the same time with this quick, yet effective workout! Follow along and let us know what you thought!

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Christine Wu says:

I remember doing this for about 2 months, once everyday. It was weird because by the end it wasn’t hard anymore. It’s a crazy thing because I remember being unable to do it from the first time. But at the end I could do it non stop. I didn’t see any really “defined” results. I don’t know why…so I stopped. But I know it was because my diet and my workouts were just cancelling each other out. So I plan to give it another try and hope this time is better.

btissame zariouh says:

did this one for the first time today after the thigh workout and its so hard! its doable because its only 30 seconds everytime but there were 2 exercises i couldnt do or only partly… that will probably get better with time. hope i see results soon and become stronger.

Julia Rudy says:

you killed me

Ana White says:

In love this workouts! And also love Rebecca's infectious enthusiasm! 😄

zhanar bekenova says:

Thankyou so much🌷🌷🌷

햄토스트왕 says:

Day 1 😲 This is really what people can do???

Jessicalynn95 says:

Does anyone do this three times a day?

Hedvig Constant says:

I just realized how out of shape I am… but I managed to go through the whole thing… Half dead hahah

Reilly Hodge says:

First day doing this, I literally can’t finish the whole thing cause I’m shaking so hard!! Gonna keep revisiting though, I know it’ll get easier as I keep doing it!!

jar4n183 says:

If you think I am stupid enough to listen to the weaker gender and inferior species you are completely right

Julia Novak says:

Trying it today. keep you posted.

Polgara says:

Some of the tips I find most helpful for me during an abs workout is:

Just think about the breathing In Out In Out

If you find yourself sometimes holding your breathing, take a couple seconds after the exercise to breath and get that blood flowing again.

Even if you can't do an exercise for the full 30 second duration, get back up as soon as you can! It boosts your self confidence as you realize "I actually can do this! I'm not quitting!"

Ruby R says:

I managed to get through the whole thing at the age of 14, my f**king god. Well done me… I’m now off to eat chocolate and get into bed

Christiana Gache Balaskas says:

Hi guys! Started yesterday and it was very hard. Today i feel a bit better even if I have sore muscles 🙁 plan to work out everyday for 30 days and tell you how it comes up.

LiLian Ipina says:

Wow is tired for me . 🤔😂

Andrea victoria says:

Day 4 able to do it without stopping ♡♡

EM&Ms I says:

I did it again!

Kristina Noall says:

This seems like a very effective video, and I love how quickly it goes, and how she helps push you through it. I started it and have now done it three days in a row, but I think it was a little too fast. The resulting pain in my stomach muscles was so horrible last night, it woke me up at 2 a.m. and had me crying—and not in a good way. I know the difference. So hopefully I’ll progress to where I can do it daily, but just be careful—do what’s right for your body, and don’t push so hard that you injure yourself! ❤️

RubyBubbles 5683 says:

Aaaaannndd… I cant feel my legs xD

sofieee says:

Gonna do little updates bc i love when people do this and i hope it helps someone!!

day 1: kinda really hard and highkey wanted to give up but with a few motivational thoughts made it through and the second round was way easier than i thought!
day 2: kind of easier but i waited a few days to do it again bc i was SO sore (really good feeling though!)

Kyle Miller says:

Day 19 in a row. Still not seeing great results. I find it hard to believe I'll have visible ab muscles in 12 days. 10 min. Every night. No misses. How long to see significant improvement? 60 days? 90 days? More intense workout (this one kills me already?)

Bonny Boet says:

I’ll start tomorrow.

Khater Alkhatri says:

😮 I finished it till 10 min but it hurt 😞

Freya Lodge Whitham says:

I do this workout every night and after a couple of weeks its become easy and i'm finally seeing results 🙂

Kermit The Frog says:

"And getting rid of that putch"
I don't know why but i laughed so hard when she said that.

Kaylee 711 says:

I did this yesterday and today. My lower abs hurt all day but not giving up

Ts Toxic says:

I got me a 10 pack

Brooklyn Godette says:

I did all of it

니라 says:

한국인 🖐🏻

alicja says:

does anyone have an advice on losing weight from upper stomach? im doing this workout for 6 Month and my lower stomach looks much better but i cant lose weight frome the upper

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