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TiffanyRotheWorkouts says:

Check out my awesome new WAIST WORKOUT called "GET SNATCHED" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5TgP6IBu8o&t=3s

AuroraValerie says:

This is really effective. I'm doing it for two days and my belly muscles are already toned (I'm not fat but I have postpartum belly). I definitely recommend this exercise especially for postpartum.

ღ유블리 ღ says:


Szymon Czaja says:

Boginie seksu i prostaty

JiYoo Kim says:


Kyunghee Doublek says:

Love your video

pretty fifi owabobi says:

2019 🤣🤣


i did this yesterday and now my waist feel sore :p

Marie Mars says:

This was so fun

D33p Prpl says:

Thank you for helping get me back in shape after a couple of surgeries!

YG H says:

190502 Thr V

A. Velvet says:

Ok so i try to exercise a little bit before i go to bed and came across this. I stopped at 6:16 AND LEMME TELL YOU , i DID NOT have to do the full 10 mins to feel the pain/soreness i’m feeling TWO DAYS AFTER. Im gonna try and do the full 10 tonight. She wasnt kidding— it feels like nothing when you do it but after…be prepared.

ᄏᄏᄏ says:

고3이라 매일매일은 못하지만 일주일에 두번 각각 1시간씩 해볼게염

zaina zmb says:

it was the first video & am still follow you 😅😆

hh k says:

허파가 왜이리 쒹씍거리지..

뇽안 says:

이 운동할때마다 위가 너무아픈데 정상인가요

RBG Warrior says:

I only have enough love for one woman
The Black Woman


Karina Stencel says:

Every time I finish this workout I feel like it won't help me, I don't feel it. But after one day…. I feel sore when getting out of bed and I know that it helps. xxxx

Young M. says:

Day 3 0415 72cm

Aleishia Turner says:

Just did this work out 😘

Mariam Al Marzouqi says:

Love this😍 2010 – 2019

Bill Miller says:


룰룰루 says:


AStarkIsBorn says:

Did the sound go off in the middle of the video for anyone else??

B Hath says:

This is still my go to waist workout after so many years! Fun and super effective! I'll be feeling this in the morning!

Amaya Castro says:


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