10 Min ABS Workout | Flat Stomach Exercise

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My 10 Minute abs workout flat stomach Exercise !

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Bomb Beauty says:

I just did 3 of your ab workouts and I'm really feeling it!

Meli Romero says:

This was hard!!! Lol . Mainly the very first exercise. I couldn’t hold myself up and the side planks. Everything else was doable but those two kind hurt my lower back.

Ashley Marie says:

Sam.. this workout still busts my ass. I did it in the gym and people were staring and I was like yes people stare because I feel this during and the next day!

Andjela Lukic says:

You are amazing

Safaa Anadif says:

I'm loving your shoes, where are they from????

V Rod says:

Love the real time workouts!

Alex Yokiel says:

Almost 24 hours later and I'm still sore! Will definitely be doing this regularly

livgracem says:

Hi Sam would this help me loose belly fat?! 😘

Martha Message says:

Think this is the only workout that I did better at than the instructor lol

Toni says:

I love your videos. But will this help me lose my belly fat?

manona martin says:

Trying to do it every morning before breakfast and I love it! It makes my abs feel alive 😄 🤦💪

Kellzie says:

1 like= 5 sit-ups

I will actually do it

I MIGHT post it but I MIGHT NOT post it

Love ya!!! I'll keep updating throughout the year!!❤️❤️💕💕

Cindy Tapia says:

I try this and it work girl!!!!! love it.

Sarah H says:

The planks I feel like I'm falling any advice I don't really know how to do them ?😬

allison wine says:

Love these workout videos that we can do along with you. Especially bc it's entertaining too lol ❤️

Benedicta Agha says:

Super random but I joined a taekwondo class in attempt to do some exercise and I'm excited but it's libra season and I'm determined to be my best this libra season so I'm def gonna try this
Ps I have a request for more HIIT workouts 🌟

Amber Wright says:

Finally a workout w.o mountain climbers 😭😭😭 those kill me

Ivie Lyn says:

Yesss this is inspiring! I love how funny and genuine you are throughout the video, because ab workouts are so hard! And it gives me more motivation to push through it! Also I LOVE your ab meal plan, it's been a tremendous help on my diet! Thank you Sam! I love you and your channel<3

abbie ryta says:

Why does my lower back hurt when I do abs?

jalia washington says:

Lower back and waist video?

Emily L says:

Do you think if I do this 4 times a week I'll see an improvement in like 2.5 months?! I'm going on a vacation then and want my stomach to be leaner and stronger!

Em S says:

Can you talk about getting better technique when working out? I struggle a lot with this. lol I loved your outfit in this

AndreaC says:

Needed this :)💕

AllisonBarber23 says:

Loved this! Where are your sneakers from?!

Amber Lara says:

Just pushed myself through your workout thank you for posting… I feel so much better afterwards ❤️

Zara says:

Body goals 💪

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