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Follow along on my 10-minute abs home workout – no weights or equipment needed!

30 seconds on each exercise, no rest between the exercises. 30 seconds rest between the rounds. 3 rounds in total!

1. Seated V-ups into singel leg drop
2. Side plank crunch
3. Knee crunch into hand to toe
4. Reversed crunches
5. Russian twist

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sarah corluka says:

My obliques were hurting 2days after this…😂

Fran Nez says:

I just ate. After how many minutes is it best to start workouts?

Danika Visnaw-Gavina says:

This is really cool. I like this follow along video. I hope u can do more in the future

Ana Catarina says:

Abraço de Portugal !!
<3 < 3 <3

Evnono says:

Hanna omg how freaking insane I just realized Eminems daughter follows you on IG 😩😩😩😩 because she’s into fitness as well omggggg

Ruth Loise says:

I Love you videos 😍

Cynthia Smith says:

Totally digged the at home video ( especially since “my gym” is at my house ). My abs are going to be on 🔥 , I can already feel it………… Your baby got so big. I remember when he made his first bedute on YouTube. So handsome 👌🏼💞

lizzet castro says:

Hi Hanna thank you for your fresh helpful and fun video .

Ena says:

From now on I'll be doing this regulary. I really enjoy this workout – effective but not extremely exhausting.
I'm used to support my body with my elbow when doing the side plank excercise..is this okay too? 🙂

Oluwaseyitan Olaoluwa says:

This abs home workout is really good! Please do more abs home workouts, Hanna!

Itzi Bitsy says:

Thank you for not putting ads in the middle

Eliana Azevedo says:

When you first look at this video and think…ok, it is only 10 minutes and then just after 5 minutes you are completely dead😭😭😁😁

Magenta du Plooy says:

omg hanna i did a body read yesterday and it says i must focus on my abs more than the rest of my body.. apparently im over weight in stomach area! nd i cum on youtube nd BOOM YOU GOT ME! JUST WHAT I NEEDED

karina96 says:

I love this type of video! Doing the exercise along with you somehow made it better.

Diamondxj_ Tube says:

2nd day of doing the ab workout it’s killing me girl! I woke up sore this morning from my abs 😂 AAAAMMMAAAAAZZIIIINNGGG we need more videos like this love you🙌

Saliha Rachad says:


🔛 MattFit 💪 says:

✅✅✅✅ #motivationtime

rimi tuf says:

Saved for later .. thank uuu sweet

It's My Life Daralynn says:

Nice workout, but my neck and back always hurts after.

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